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Principal Therapist/Director

Mary-Ruth Dowd

Counsellor/Psychotherapist (CCAA Clin Reg.No 95380);

Family Therapist (AAFT Assoc Reg.No A1178);

Mental Health Practitioner (PACFA Clin Reg.No 20443);

Clinical Supervisor...

These are held weekdays by appointment from 9am – 5pm.

Evenings by appointment 5pm – 8pm (evenings attract a further 20%)

Clients often come through a doctor's referral....

Bethbirri  Counselling Practice is a not-for-profit service sponsored by Bethbirri Retreat, in the interests of the Community. The work of the Practice continues through the contribution from client fees, which are...

Should a medical emergency occur whilst you are attending Bethbirri Counselling Practice an ambulance will be called for you.

When you attend Bethbirri Retreat Counselling Practice for the first time you will be given a form detailing the policies and ethics that bound the Practice and its personnel.  After...

Bethbirri Retreat Counselling Practice is committed to the provision of its counselling services in a manner consistent with confidentiality, equal-opportunity, anti-sexual harassment and current privacy laws. Helping professionals have a moral,...

Bethbirri Retreat Counselling Practice operates with a Christian worldview (all persons created equal in value), regard persons in a Wholistic way (as mind, body and spirit) and utilise a Systemic...

Affordable fee structure

Based on a sliding scale of income so that all seeking
counselling may be accommodated.
Medibank Priv Provider No 1319191W.

Flexible Appointments

Appointments are available during business hours
and evenings to 8pm weekdays.

Ph: (03) 5264 1777


We take privacy seriously so all counselling clients and
session information is purely confidential
(except where required by law).